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HOUSING is a key social determinant of health of asthma, lead exposure, and household accidents. In 2019, Beyond Housing received grant funding from Missouri Foundation for Health to assist the 24:1 municipalities in updating their municipal codes and obtaining training for code enforcement officials. Codes Count is that effort.

Watch a video on why code enforcement is important.

Frequently asked questions

Building codes exist so municipalities can provide directions and standards regarding residential and commercial property within that city boundary. At their core, building codes exist to promote health, safety, and welfare of the residents and guests to that city. Codes Count seeks to empower the 24:1 communities to adopt clearly written codes based on the best practices available from the International Code Council (ICC).

Building codes protect public health, safety and general welfare as they relate to the construction and occupancy of buildings and structures.

Codes Count will benefit the 24:1 community residents by:

  • Property maintenance improves the value of your home and your neighbor’s home
  • Building codes provide for a better quality of life, they are designed for health, safety and welfare
  • Building awareness of the training program for current city staff and individuals interested in being certified inspectors
  • Educating residents and the community about the role of building codes, how to follow them, and how to get help from their cities

Community engagement connects the codes to the residents. Cities participating in Codes Count will be hosting meetings specifically to help residents and businesses understand the role of building codes, what they can do to promote health, safety and welfare, and where they have limitations. Contact your elected officials or city hall and ask specifically about how you can participate in providing feedback or ideas related to the Codes Count effort. Active engagement by residents like you will improve this process for your city.

There are three pieces of relevant information when asking about following codes.

  1. A property owner must be aware of and follow the codes where that property is located.
  2. Each municipality should have an inspector on staff or under contract to provide building code information to property owners. This trained and certified neighborhood revitalization inspector will help identify buildings or land where codes need to be followed and will share that information with property owners.
  3. Noteworthy, is that code violations are not a criminal issue, and law enforcement is not a reasonable solution. Contact your city hall officials if you have concerns about your property or others where code compliance can be improved.

Existing building are not exempt. Building codes are for the enhancement of property surface areas, meaning the exterior, such as tall weeds and grass, falling or hanging gutters, exterior painting, broken windows, dilapidated accessory structures, and vacant structures.

Codes Count creates a structure for updating municipal building codes to the 2015 standards, and with grant funding, Beyond Housing is facilitating this process for municipalities in the 24:1 community. There are no costs to residents to implement Codes Count.

If your property or building remains complaint with the codes in place when it was
constructed, there are no costs to you. If such a time comes when your property
is not compliant, there will be a cost to you to make repairs that are responsive to
the updated codes.

Upcoming meetings

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9 AM – 4 PM

1234 Location Ave, Benita Park 63121

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9 AM – 4 PM

1234 Location Ave, Beverly Hills 63121‚Äč

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Property maintenance and building code enforcement is an important part of maintaining a vibrant community. By participating in Codes Count, municipalities can take advantage of reduced training fees and apply for scholarships to properly educate their Neighborhood Preservation Inspectors in the 2015 ICC Codes. Quarterly trainings will be offered to inspectors to elevate their training to align with the codes adopted by the towns where they serve.


Contact your city admin/clerk:

Bellerive Acres

Contact Nancy Hartman
(314) 440-4442

City of Beverly Hills

Contact Mayor Brian Jackson
(314) 382-6544

City of Northwoods

Contact Denise Griffin
(314) 385-8000

City of Vinita Park

Contact Brent Bury
(314) 428-7373

Village of Uplands Park

(314) 383-3142